Should you apply for an event bursary?

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British Museum atrium event space

Absolutely, what have you got to lose? I had the opportunity to apply for a bursary when I made the decision to go freelance at the end of last year. The Arts Marketing Association (AMA) offer a number of bursaries for their various events throughout the year and I definitely recommend that you put your hat in the ring.

I applied for an AMA bursary which covered just over half the cost of the conference fee of their Digital Marketing Day (DMD). The conference took place on 5 December 2018 at the British Museum in London. The application process was incredibly straightforward, and I was delighted to be awarded the bursary. Check out my blog post about my experience on their website.

I definitely recommend applying for a bursary to attend events. I will certainly be looking out for bursaries offered by the AMA and other organisations in the future. For a new business and a freelancer, it’s a cost-effective way to further your knowledge, network and achieve your professional goals.