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Hello I’m Lorna, founder of Sunnyside Red. In 2019 after a career spanning more than 12 years in marketing, I made the decision to start my own business.

My passion for, and previous experience of working with small businesses and within the arts and cultural sector, as well as not-for-profits and sustainable businesses mean that I want my primary focus to be providing marketing consulting for these areas.

Marketing is often misunderstood. Done properly it’s so much more than the unkindly titled “department of colouring in”. Done properly it can help you identify what your product offers your customers, why they want to buy from you and how you can grow, develop your offering and increase revenues.

Are you unsure what should be in your marketing plan, or even what a marketing plan is? Uncertain what social media platforms you should be on? Do you know who your key customers are? I can give you the confidence to move forward and help you feel organised and in control of your business, with a stellar marketing plan to boot.

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